Blind by Xavier Neal

This is a great read, but before I say anything else about the book  I have to comment on the writing style because although it is one that I have had glimpses of something similar before in other books but this took reader participation to a whole new level and I loved it!!

The story is told from duel points of view but not only do you get the story from the individuals point of view you get their internal monologue also and it is simply divine!!

I loved the feeling that they were speaking directly to me, involving me in their thought process, chastising me when they were feeling laughed at and holding a hand out for hope when they felt weak – it was a stroke of genius!

Blind is the story of best friends Logan and Maxx.

Friends from childhood, Maxx has always been Logan’s comfort blanket, his go too girl when life is tough. The girl that was there for him when as a kid he would climb through her window and accept her friendship and snuggled up with her for the night when things got out of hand at home and she continues to be his source of comfort even now they are both grown up.

Logan he is a massive name in the amateur MMA fight scene, but I suppose he really doesn’t fight for a living if I think about it – he really fights for therapy!

He is drop down gorgeous and he knows it, he has way too much time on his hands and way too many women prepared to throw themselves at his feet.

None of them mean anything to him, they are a means to an end, the only woman that he has any feelings for is Maxx but he has a past and family history that means he is reluctant – no actually that is the wrong word, he is terrified of getting involved because he truly believes that he is cursed – cue the violin’s – but no really- funny as it may seem to us, he honestly believes that because of what happened in his past, a relationship is completely out of the question. 

Logan is a creature of habit and Maxx is his habit, one he cannot break.

Maxx on the other hand is everything that you would want in a best friend, happy in her own skin she is content to be Logan’s sidekick and shoulder to lean on but secretly she has harboured feelings for him that go way beyond just friendship, but knowing that friendship is all that is on the table, she is not prepared to push the matter but when Erin gets Maxx a job at the fight venue, she is front and centre in his world and – all bets are off!! 

Their friendship will never be the same again.

This was a breath of fresh are and I absolutely loved it!!! Laugh out loud funny, but with a credible and touching back story that gave credence to the whole book.

I cannot wait to start book two.