Wild at Heart by Jinsey Reese and Victoria Green

Wild at Heart by Jinsey Reese and Victoria Green

Book 4 in the Untamed Series

One word – Wow!

Picking up with Ree, exactly where we left her at the end of Escaped Artist- Wild at Heart is the fabulous continuation of this modern day Romeo and Juliet.

Forces too large to contemplate have been at work since the very beginning, desperately trying to keep Ree and Dare apart but when your heart belongs to someone – neither hell nor high water will make you step aside and in this book, we see Ree, step up to the plate and fight for her man.

You go girl!

The ever obstinate Dare is determined to fight the cause alone determined that his way is the only way to keep those he loves safe from his father. But has he underestimated the situation?

You will have to read to find out but I will say, as much as I love Dare (he is a joy to read) he commits a cardinal sin, he underestimates just one thing – just how far a woman will go to protect the man she loves – nothing will stop Ree, not even Dare himself.

Ree truly comes into her own in this book, she shows just how much she has changed and just what the money her father has spent on her education can achieve – he might wish that he had saved the cash! Willing and able to face her demons she leaves nothing on the table when it comes to dealing with him!

 Dare’s siblings make an appearance during the early chapters as does Archer (I thought we had seen the last of him after Paris, but in this we get to see a little of the real Archer) and also at the forefront is the illusive Rex – Dare is truly like a son to him but I am happy to say that the majority of this book is committed to the two people who deserve it most – Dare and Ree.

The love that emanates from the page to convey the devotion between the two of them is immense – they are truly “Two Halves- One Whole”.

This book carried more intrigue that the last, the air of menace that surround Dare’s father is tangible and the inference of his capabilities are quite simply staggering. His evil knows no limits.

But Ree’s father as malicious as he has been previously gets a dose of his own medicine – and I can’t but help thinking that he is about to experience a little of Dare’s pain, so will he cope when he is forced to reap what he has sown?

Book 5 can’t come soon enough

Yet again, I have been blown away by this series – I love Dare and Ree and have everything crossed that their HEA will be as beautiful as I imagine.

I also have everything crossed that both Jinsey and Victoria will carry on with the Wilde family – I would love to have a little more Dax and Dalia and a lot more Dash!