Incandescent by River Savage


Incandescent by River Savage


I’ve tucked in to one or two (small lie – there have been rather a lot actually) MC based novels over the last year or so but this one is heading straight into my top five!

It has it all and in bucket loads – Phoenix ‘Nix’ Knight is the absolute dog’s bollocks!! – He is everything that you expect the president of a MC club to be but yet he isn’t. This is a man trying to do the best he can with the hand he's been dealt and circumstances he never wanted in the first place.

From the minute he is brought to life on the page, I loved him. He was swoon worthy in an MC type of way but loveable for a completely different reason - his son Zayden or ‘Z’ as he is better known is the light in his life and there is nothing and no-one who will stand in the way of his desire to be the best dad 'Z' could ever wish for.

The story comes to life when Nix replaces his ex-wife at a meeting requested by Zayden’s teacher. Never one to shirk anything that regards his son, Nix finds himself in front of Z’s teacher – Kadence Turner, and the reaction is instant! On both sides.

Kadence is perfect for Nix, but having been on the wrong side of a man like him in the past, she has no intension of going there again. She wears the scars of that last relationship both inside and out.

So what happens when you put a strong, feisty woman directly in the sights of a hot, alpha biker who refuses to take no for an answer – well you end up with the most delicious of stories that will keep you hooked right up to the last word of the last page!!!

The relationship evolves from something more than just physical fairly quickly but Nix gets there first, knowing that she belongs in his life, his only problem now is trying to prove to Kadence that what they have can go the whole mile, they deserve to be happy and more over – Kadence deserves to be loved.

Every inch his equal, she is more than able to give as good as she gets, she can hold her own not only with Nix but with the other guys at the club. She doesn’t suffer fools and with a sharp temper and a short fuse, she takes no prisoners!

Nix sees through the bravado and eventually she relents and opens her past up to this endearing biker.

Of course if this was just the story of their happy ever after it wouldn’t be the fabulous tale that it is.

We weave our way through the history of the club, the illegal stuff that is now all in the past, Nix making sure that since he became president that the club activities are now all legit.

The history that Kadence thought she had left behind but is now front and centre in her life and threatening not on her but Nix and his club.

And Zayden, this little guy who is doing nothing more than trying to be a good kid but dealing a situation that leaves him torn and acting out.I commend the author for addressing this issue in her book and for once showing that standard perceptions are just that, perception – what happens behind closed doors can easily be misconstrued, it takes strength to listen to the unthinkable and to act rationally. The portrayal of Nix in this situation was exemplary.

Kadence’s best friend Holly is major feature in the book as are a couple of the main characters from the MC, namely Sy, Beau and Jesse and because  of that I hope that the author has a wealth of ideas up her sleeve that will keep us all enthralled for a while yet! I was delighted to read at the end that Sy and Holly’s story is next – we get a glimpse in the book of what this pair are like and I am sure their story will be electrifying.

With everything that stands in their way, all the external pressures heaped upon them you would be a fool to think that Kadence and Nix would get through it with their relationship unscathed – but can they survive it all and remain intact?

Well that is the million dollar question but what I will say it that getting to the end is worth every minute spent in their company.

Take all the previous MC books you have read and forget the standard scenarios and situations – because this not your average fodder.

Writing a good MC novel is never easy, and off the top of our heads we could perhaps name 3 maybe 4 authors who have mastered the art, well I would suggest that they prepare the welcome a newbie into the fold because River Savage has brought her A game to the table and Phoenix Knight is a name not to be taken lightly – unless you are Kadence Turner – because then he is putty in your hands.

You will love the story, it is gritty enough to hold your attention, sweet enough to make you smile and funny enough to have you laughing out loud.

With a sprinkle of pain and sorrow along the way that will melt even the hardest of hearts and bring a tear to your eye – you really will run the gamut of emotions as you travel to the conclusion of Nix and Kadence’s story but this is just the start for the Knights Rebels MC and I for one and delighted, I can’t wait to read the next book!!!