by Monica James

I can sum this up in just one word…Exceptional.

Yes, the read is darker than I have read before by Ms James but don’t let that fool you, she hit the ground running with this and the journey was seamless.

A gritty read, this was a twist a minute read, it presented a cast of characters that were unlike any I had read before.

Saint was everything I didn’t know I wanted and who I now know I absolutely shouldn’t be lusting after but darn it the guy was a powerhouse, a complicated callous man. Mystery shrouded him most of the time but I loved the complications that he seemed to be conflicted with, and I say that because despite the expectations, he was more than the man responsible for Willows captivation… no he was something more or should that be that she was something more to him?

I could help but feel that when he showed his empathetic side it like taking a peek under the surface, he paid the part of being big bad and dangerous but I couldn’t help but think there was a tiny corner of his heart that was fighting to keep the angst at bay. He treated Willow with a sensitivity at times that belittled all of his façade. I liked the flirty Saint and so did Willow.

Willow’s situation for most would have forced an air of anticipation and fear but Willow is far from ordinary and in many ways her situation has empowered her, she is a feisty woman, after all she has survived being abducted and isn’t about to fall apart now! There were aspects of her story that genuinely took my breath away, I felt the breath being drawn from my lungs as the tears ran rampant across my cheeks but I can imagine Willow having been none too happy with my outburst because she wasn’t ready to break at the hands of her captor and it was hilarious watching her as she did everything she could to get the better of Saint.

This was a couple that achieved, that overcame and that fought not just each other but also their connection in order to make a future that was so far from where they started. This was a raw read in many cases, it was emotionally charged and brutally honest in everything it was trying to portray…a great read that was fantastically well written and that I am dying to hear more from.


Topic: BAD SAINT by Monica James

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