Unblocked Two by Marni Mann


Never, ever remove this from your reading list, kindle, nook, iPad, or bookshelf because it is too good to not be read again and again!

After the end of the first book and the cliff-hanger that was presented to us I have to say that this book could not arrive soon enough – I needed to know what the hell was going on, the scenario was so loaded that even though we had been introduced to all the relevant parties, it was still pretty easy to get distracted but I have to say that the author gave us more than most when she unleashed the cast of thousands so to speak because the they run the whole spectrum of complicated.

Derek and Frankie each have a goal that they are striving for their own definition of perfect, and they are heading in the right direction but the one thing that was missing in their individual plans is each other.

It was so obvious that the connection between them was off the charts before but now that Frankie is facing the sort of accusation that if it were so serious would be completely laughable. With everything going on it is easy to miss the fact that Derek has his own agenda when it comes to Frankie – one that he cannot deviate from one that has had him twisted up inside he first clocked her. But will he be able to live by his own rules or will it be a case of rules be damned?

To be honest I had my doubts about what I wanted to happen but I eventually understood that they needed each other in order to break their moulds. Frankie brought out a different side to Derek and he cut her inhibitions loose and encouraged her to revel in what they had and I have to say, what they had was glorious.

The story is an evolution that takes it’s time to build but doesn’t keep you hanging on for nothing. It is not overly wordy – and what I mean by that is that the author makes every single word count – nothing is wasted, nothing is unnecessary –so make sure you pay attention to the storyline because it will guide you to where you need to be and not leave you guessing at what is going on because it is too important to leave to chance,

I loved the fact that we get the opportunity to absorb what is going on directly from Frankie and Derek they are not only great company, but fantastic hosts and I do feel as if I have been a guest through the story with them.