Sex Machine by Marie Force

When an author hits the nail on the head you have to stand back and admire the view and with this only my second book by Marie Force, I have to admit that this was a belter.

The story was one that I could get into from the first chapter, with characters that were everything that I hoped they would be.

Blake Dempsey didn’t have attachments, he didn’t do relationships, not since the death of his girlfriend Jordan in an accident that he continues to blame himself for. He has shut up shop so to speak, he may enjoy the physical relationships that he has, but his women grace his bed for one night and one night only and he is content to keep it that way. Or is he? Because when Honey Carmichael presents him with an interesting proposition, he realises that it might just be too good to turn down.

Honey is ready to take her life by the horns and finally get the one thing she has been missing out on …a love life! Well that’s not entirely true, she’s not exactly been living the life of an old maid but she hasn’t been rocking the bedposts either, so with a little gentle nudge from her best friend in Blake’s direction she is ready to see what all the fuss is about!

They seemed to have two lonely souls that recognised their mates in each other and when it all kicked off, they were just along for the ride because the heart wants what it wants and you just have to figure out a way to make sure you get on the same page. I was surprised just how much pain the two of them had been through, they really were meant for each other, they had an empathy that oozed off the page. There was no part of them that each other didn’t understand and it didn’t take words for that to come across, the author was very astute with her inference and direction.

This was a fabulous find and I was delighted for the characters by the time the story drew to a conclusion. I both laughed and cried as the story drew to a conclusion but did I turn the last page with a smile on my face…well you will need to read it for yourself to draw your own conclusion.

Topic: Sex Machine by Marie Force

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