The Sacred Truth by JL Long


Nolan thought that staying away from Jenna might protect her from the inevitable issues that arise when you’re involved with a member of SWAT, but what he hadn’t anticipated was that he might be the one to break her by trying to keep her safe. Just one problem with that, his heart and head aren’t exactly on the same page, so there was only so long that he was ever going to be able to keep how he feels about her under wraps, because at some point, something was going to have to give and I was fairly certain early on which way I though it as going to go…foolish man!

From, the very start I liked this pair, they touched a nerve with me that meant I really wanted them to was tangible, and while it was enough to bring a tear to my eye, I thought it fitted perfectly with who they were.

Jenna took how she felt about Nolan seriously and with a past that meant she was reluctant to jump into anything on a whim, it was a hard pill to swallow when she couldn’t stop him slipping out of her grasp. She wanted to hold on, this was a man she loved but he had his own motives and while she may not have completely understood what they were at the time, she knew he cared for her and was far from willing to walk away for good.

But could he see that his actions were only causing them both pain and if he could what would he do to fix it?

This is a story you are going to want to read, it is really engaging and has characters that you cannot help but care about.

Topic: The Sacred Truth by JL Long

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