Pure Lust Series by MS Parker and Cassie Wild

Pure Lust Book 1

Gabriella Blaine is ready to find the man of her dreams, but is she looking in the right place?

Barely making rent, she has no choice but to pull up her big girl knickers and get her life sorted, she hates her job and she especially hates her boss but when she starts to look for a new job, did she ever or could she every have imagined that life was about to turn on its head?

On an interview for a new job, she meets photographer Flynn McCreary and damn I just know the two of them are going to be brilliant together.

Flynn offers her work and yippee, the two of them are off and running!!!!!

But there is more going on in Gabriella’s life than a new job and the cocky arse that is Flynn McCreary.

There is Edward – her find one night when she is on a girly night out.

But he is playing his cards close to his chest especially with his full name. I was dubious as to whether I would like him or not and to be honest I’m still not sure if he is playing games or not.

He has designs on a relationship but he has his reasons for being as elusive as he is and when she finally discovers the secret he is hiding from her, his real identity… can she accept who he is and what that brings to the table?

Pure Lust Book 2

So the cliffy at the end of book one done… this picks right up from that brunch.

Discovering that Edward is Flynn’s stepbrother was enough to have me palpitating, so I was buzzing with anticipation.

What was Gabriella going to do?

She did what she could to hide her turmoil but heck keeping this under wraps is an impossible task and when she tries to take a few moments to herself, Flynn take his opportunity to tell her that what she thinks she has with Edward is never going to work, that Edward can’t make her happy.

How do you react to that sort of pressure, how on earth do you keep your emotions in tact?

Anyway it is after this point that the story really gets going so to speak, what they have is far from straight forward and the secondary characters really begin to flex some muscle.

I hated Edwards mother with an irrational passion, the woman was cringe worthy and completely deranged.

And as for the bitch that was looking to take Edward from her, well she can just jog on!

But the situation with the brothers and Gabriella is just so compelling that I couldn’t put the book down.

I liked Edward but I didn’t trust him but I could see that when it came to Gabriella he was a decent guy but not everyone goes for the good guy, especially when Flynn and Gabriella seemed to be joined at the soul, they just clicked and I had my hopes pinned on the two of them getting together.

Pure Lust Book 3

Ok, so now I am cross. I don’t want Gabriella to marry Edward, she belongs with Flynn!

I loved this book but I read most of it angry.

I wanted them all to just man up and sort it all out.

Flynn needs to grow a pair and claim the woman that owns him… Gabriella

Edward well I’m not convinced that he really wants Gabriella, I am beginning to think that he is just with her to get back at Flynn, I have an inkling that he knows and it is all family politics that Gabriella is caught up in the middle of but them again I could just be going mad!

Gabriella… well now woman what the heck are you playing at!!!

Don’t agree to marry the man and then sneak around with his brother, what do you think you are doing?

The questions I am left with in this book are endless.

What the heck is Kendra hiding< because she is definitely shifty!

And as for Stacia, her relationship with Edward requires closer scrutiny

I cannot wait for the next book – and hopefully some answers

Pure Lust Book 4

I was so frustrated with the last book, but all is now forgiven because this the conclusion of the story, gave me what I wanted and actually let the fog that was clouding my brain clear.

This is just the ending that I was looking for.

Just as Gabriella is about to get the happy ever after that she thinks she wants, she is dealt a blow, when Edward is caught up in an situation at the bank.

As much as it was a dangerous situation, I’ll admit that part of me didn’t want him to make it out- shame on me I know!

But the biggest shame is that of his mother – Claire is completely reprehensible, honestly she needs a swift kick up the ass and metaphorically Gabriella does that when she unleashes a tirade upon the socially vacuous woman, I was whooping for Gabriella at this point.

But would her outburst give Claire ammunition to fire her direction?

I don’t want to give the ending of this series away, and if I go any further I am going to do just that so I will end what I have to say here.

Although what I will say is that this is a super series, creative and one which takes the concept of a love triangle and proves that it doesn’t have to be sordid, that love can triumph.