Heinous by Alexis Noelle

Book two in the Deathstalkers series, this is Alexis Noelle flexing her well worked MC muscle. When it comes to badass bikers, this author seems to be able to tame some of the best in the business.

Twisted is the Deathstalkers VP and he leaves nothing behind when it comes to protection of his brothers and his club and when it comes to women, his room should be fitted with a revolving door because he has absolutely no interest in anyone keeping his bed warm for longer than one night.

But there is more to this alpha bad a** than he lets be known and a troubled childhood that he definitely prefers to keep to himself. All that might be about to change when he meets Nikki, or Firecracker as he prefers to call her because his onetime only rule is about to become history.

Nikki is up to her eyes in secrets, and with almost a time limit on her ability to have the future she wants, she is living to the max while she can, although it takes a while to get the real reason as to what is actually going on but can she open up to Twisted enough for him to be able to actually help her out or will she fight his inherent need to protect her.

I liked that Nikki is a smart, sassy woman, she was a fabulous character. They were two halves that when pieced together fit perfectly, but getting them to a place that they could be happy with was not an easy path to tread. They both had skeletons and demons to overcome, some more terrible than others.

They have an understanding between the two of them that almost defied description, Twisted was able for once to let someone in but was what they shared going to be enough. Could she give him the loyalty he craved or would her past drive them apart?

An astonishingly raw and dramatic series that keeps getting better and better.

Tracie and Torch are next up in the series and after the little look at what is to come, I am counting the days

Topic: Heinous by Alexis Noelle

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