Consolation by Corinne Michaels


I haven’t read anything by Corinne Michaels before but I have to say that after finishing this book I will be certain to keep a keen eye on her future offerings.

The prologue itself was enough to have me in a puddle on the floor- felled with the intensity, something which never let up throughout the entire story.

Love is an unknown quantity when it comes to the connection between Liam and Natalie because they were never meant to be together – after all she is the wife of his best friend.

With Aaron gone, Natalie’s grief is tangible, she is barely functioning and normality is weighing her down.

Her only rock in the storm that is her life, is Liam, her husband’s best friend.

The circumstances that have thrown them together conspire to make their situation all the more complicated, because the connection that they share through Aaron in normal circumstance would be enough to keep them apart but in this case they are developing feelings that they just can’t fight.

Slowly Liam is showing Natalie that life is worth living again, forcing her to face each day no matter how hard and no matter how much she wants to hide away. He refuses to let her wallow. He gives her a reason to go on, apart from her daughter he shows her that he is always going to be in her corner, giving her his support.

He is determined to let her see that he is the one she should be sharing it with. At this point I have to say that Liam is a gift, an honest good guy, who captivated my attention from the time appeared on my screen until I finally sighed as I clicked the last page.

The author used every trick in the book to not only draw every emotion from me but to hang me out to try. I felt emotionally abused by the tsunami that swamped me, I cried for Natalie as she struggled to deal with her grief and to come to terms with her situation, I laughed with her as took tentative steps to rebuild her life and I was completely elated as she finally found the strength to see that she could be happy again and let love in.

Their relationship was fabulous, it encompassed everything that I wanted for them both and I was feeling quite happy floating along on my own little cloud for the pair of them … until I was bumped unceremoniously on my butt back down planet earth- by what I can only say was a bitch of  cliff-hanger!!! Really when is the next book due because seriously I will be a complete basket case if I have to wait too long!!!