Saving a Legend by Sarah Robinson

Another book in the Kavanagh Series and this time it is Keiran that steps into the limelight, although I wasn't entirely sure that, that was where he wanted to be.
Having just been released from prison, finding himself in a relationship wasn't exactly top of his to do list but  the heart wants what it wants and when he meets Fiona, he is done for.
Fiona, is initially far from being interested in a relationship, she has much larger issues to deal with, she is the main carer and legal guardian to her eight year old sister. I liked the fact that the author was able to accurately portray what it was like for Fiona dealing with the fact that her little sister, someone that she loved absolutely unconditionally suffered from Autism.
But as standoffish as she was Kieran was not deterred, I understand that the pace with which their romance scorched across the page may have appeared incredulous to some readers but from personal experience it is not unheard of !
I liked the element of uncertainty that the author tinted the story with, the fact that they both were playing things very close to their chests, they each had secrets and neither were willing to be the first to show their hand.
It was impossible not to fall in love with Shea, Fiona's little sister and I absolutely applaud the author for giving her a strong position in the book and not aligning her with  perceived stereotypes, she gave her a voice and allowed it to be heard.
I really liked this story, in fact I think I can say it was in my opinion better than book one, I look forward to seeing what comes next

Topic: Saving a Legend by Sarah Robinson

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