Get You Some

by Lani Lynn Vale

The third in the series and whilst for the most part I can say that I really enjoyed it, I would have to admit that I am struggling to find that absolute passion for these simple men. I’m an ardent Ms Vale fan and truly love her work but there is just something that I am missing about this series. I’m not sure if it is the fact that the characters have a connection to the characters from previous books, like in this where Johnny is the son of Sebastian from the Lights to My Siren story or whether I’m not quite getting on with the whole scenario but either way it is probably more my issue than yours.

So looking at this as a body of work, I would have to say that the author did an excellent job at bringing to the fore the realism of life after not just the military but also after an injury sustained during his time served.

June is object of Johnny’s irk first of all when he pulls her over and ends up giving her a fistful of tickets, its isn’t want he wants from life and it is honestly as far from where he wants to be as he can get but at least it gets him out from under the constant hovering of his worried old folks.

Life recovering from his injury is both physically and mentally tough and the situation with his folks being a tad overprotective is far from helping matters , so taking a job as a police officer is just his way of killing time and keeping his mind occupied almost, well until his mind becomes occupied with something else or should I say someone else…June.

June isn’t exactly the towns golden girl, heck she isn’t exactly anyone’s golden girl, most of the town refuse to see her as anything other than her parent’s daughter and that is tough when your folks are hated by almost everyone you know. No matter how hard she works or how she lives her life, she has never managed to shake off the stigma of her parent’s reputation…now this I really found difficult, surely, she would have made more of an effort to just knock it all down to size, after all she was no shrinking violet. She was more than able to say her piece most of the time but when confronted by those that truly deserved her wrath, she seemed to shirk the opportunity to put them in their place and set the record straight. This annoyed me.

Well, that was until she saw how a certain cop behaved and how he reacted to not only what others thought of him but how he lived his life…their opinion mattered not one iota to Johnny and he didn’t shy away from letting know that either.

They appeared to be just right for each other, they each had qualities that the other required and I suppose that meant as a whole they were practically the complete package, but it wasn’t that easy, there were needles in their particular haystack that were dead set on inflicting pain and causing a whole heap of trouble.  I just wondered if this time it might be too much?

Well written with a strong story, I thought this had legs to run a little further but still an enjoyable addition to the fold.


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