Beautifully Brutal by Nicole Edwards

What happens when two worlds collide?

Max Adorite was about to become the head of his family empire. It was something he had been born into and waited for his whole life. It was an empire made up of every illegal thing you could possibly think of......

Courtney Kogan worked in her family business and was assigned to dig the dirt on Max. She is in the world of security and investigation and is at the top of her game....

Neither of them thought they would end up falling for each other and they both know it will never work, as much as they both want it!!!

When she was first sent to look into Max it was on her fathers orders, Courtney didn't realise she was only being sent because Max wouldn't be able to resist her and her father hoped it would get him what he needed.

Inevitably they get together but what her dad hadn't counted on was that they might actually fall in love. After a year of push and pull they finally part ways although they never stop thinking about each other. 

When the real reasons behind the assignment are revealed it will blow their lives apart.

A jealous ex, a shooting and a terrible revelation test their relationships beyond all imagination but will love be enough?

This book is the first in a new series but the characters do appear in earlier works.

4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by Sue