Lay Your Hands on Me

by Blair Babylon


I think I know what I want to say about this book but I also think that there is a lot that I really can’t say about it too.

I can give my feelings but I know I can’t give any of the plot because Georgie and Xan really should be experienced first-hand.

I totally commend the author for producing what I have to say is a hands down winner!

They are superb, they are enchanting, mesmerizing and completely breath-taking.

Together they have a connection that despite their underlying uncertainties, just works…but can they keep that up or will life get in the way?

If I have one piece of advice for you as you read this book, it would be do so with a clear head, the story is a fully on ride and you need to be up for the journey. They will take you to places that you never expected from them, they will open their hearts and lives to you in a way that you would have never anticipated and they will do all of this willingly but they will not compromise.

They are Xan and Georgie and they answer only to themselves and each other.

Georgie gets her eyes opened so to speak when she gets a glimpse into his past, the details of what has made him the man he is today, the captivating, maniacal musician that has the world and his feet and the devil on his back.

Xan showed Georgie what his life really was, who he really was and is. Everything that his life entailed and it wasn’t at all what she had anticipated.

He made her see that assumptions are a dangerous thing, they encourage you to lower your guard and when everything cannot be taken at face value that is a dangerous trait to develop.

I thought the depth with which the author stripped bare Xan especially was extraordinary, the intensity and range of emotions that he not only exhibited but forced from me as a reader was quite simply staggering.

His insights were like a window to his soul, but one made of the most magnificent stained glass, which when the light shone through bathed him in the most magnificent rainbow of colour because Xan deserved colour in his life, he deserved to soar and Georgie was learning that she deserved to be right there with him.

While music was the lynchpin to their connection it was the tie that their hearts felt to each other that pulled them together and showed them what was meant to be. They were went to be, but would they get what they deserved?

I eagerly anticipate the next book in the series, I’m not quite ready to lose my grasp on Xan and Georgie yet.