by Willow Winters

I thought this was an emotionally intense read.

It felt raw, and as I rode the rollercoaster that the author had strapped me into I couldn’t help but feel that there was an element of sadness that just seemed to linger. I ran the gambit of emotions as the story unfolded but it was the sense of sorry that hung heaviest for me, although when things picked up for the characters, I could hardly contain the smile that spread across my face.

The see-sawing between love and hate, the tightrope walk between right and wrong, there were so many directions, so many permutations that the characters and story could journey towards that I gave up on my ill-fated futility of trying to second guess which way this very talented author was going to take them in.

Julia and Mason will challenge you, they sort of got on my nerves at times, but that feeling only drove me on, I wanted to see where what they were thinking and feeling was going to take them …and they didn’t disappoint

Topic: Unforgiven by Willow Winters

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