Dream Girls: Nicole by Carrie Thomas

I’ve done the unthinkable and read this series back to front but I have to say that I don’t actually think my mistake detracted from the story at all, so it is safe to say that this really can be read as a standalone.

This was a great read and Nicole is a really, really great female character. She is far from straight forward but don’t let that put you off, it is to her benefit that she is who she is, I loved her quirks and her unique outlook on life, it gave her character credence and her situations honesty.

Because of the others Nicole always seems to gravitate towards Corey when they are all together, not that you will catch Corey complaining, he has been in love with her for as long as he can remember but isn’t it always the case that the good guy thinks he isn’t good enough.

I adored his insecurities, the fact that this glorious man could ever think that he was not good enough for anyone had me stumped but not good enough for Nicole, really I could have laughed if it wasn’t so touching and they were made for each other!

Nicole life has always centred around her family, her father and her brothers especially, they have been everything that she could focus on until now, now she is finally taking the steps that she needs towards a career that she has coveted for so long but would she see that her other desire is waiting in the wings for her to pluck up the courage to take that last step also?

I read the book fairly quickly but that was due to the fact that it had me completely absorbed, their story line was pitched to absolute perfection, they tone and temper of their words and actions drew me like a moth to a flame and I didn’t want to divert my eyes from them.

A fabulously warm, touching, funny but poignant story that I really enjoyed.

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