by Harloe Rae

I’ve read quite a bit this month, and there are times when that can get not just tiring but can make you somewhat jaded, and it takes something special to break that cycle… this was that something special!

Breaker was in one word, sensational.

Grady was a total superstar, fabulously swoon worthy and the perfect man for Sutton. Each and every time the ugly side of life reared its head I couldn’t help but feel my heart break for them both, they seemed to spend so long battling their way back up from the bottom rung of the ladder just to get their opportunity to be who they wanted to be.

But I tell you what, despite the fact that the story really tugged on my heartstrings, it also packed a punch, it was engaging and at times very funny, I couldn’t help but smile.

I loved Grady and Sutton, they had an inner strength that was captivating, they had a spirit that knew no limits and by the time the end rolled around, I couldn’t stop the tears

Harloe Rae…you genius. This was brilliant


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