High Strung by T. Gephart

High Strung centres around one of the most prominent and forthright female lead characters that I have read for a long time.

Ash is one bad ass woman, she doesn’t suffer fools and makes her displeasure abundantly clear – you go girl!!

Dan is the bass guitarist with Power Station and is the dictionary definition of man whore! He has no brain to mouth filter and cares even less about the fact that his tact and diplomacy are non existent – I just loved him – he was so rude, crude and unrepentant that it was impossible not too!

He catches a glimpse of Ash while she is waiting to be interviewed for a job with Lexi and I found myself chuckling when he tried his hand and she shot him down in flames – just not playing that game – good girl! But while she could brush him aside, he couldn’t forget the chopsy little madam that didn’t fall under his spell and does everything he can at every available opportunity to spend time with her.

I honestly cried so much with the antics, it was superb!!

Dan really came into his own later in the book and you will be completely besotted by him before the end, when you get to know the real him – the one he hides under all his bravado – he is adorable.

His journey of self-discovery is what made this book for me, I like Ash but I absolutely loved Dan.