Forbidden Temptation

by Janine Infante Bosco


If you have not read the first book in this series then my suggestion would be to do so as not only will it let you see the characters from the very beginning but it will give you a chance to get to know Anthony and ladies you really need to get to know Anthony.

He is one intense dude, dang he has a filthy mouth. But that is not all he has going for him, he has it all and in bucket-loads. But he wasn’t without his faults, I wanted him to step back and take a good hard look in the mirror and see the man that Adrianna loved, the man that he was underneath the expectation, beyond the bravado.

And then you have the powerhouse that is Adrianna, a strong woman, who had a love for a man that lived in a very dark world and that she loved regardless. A man that she had no choice but to forgive time and time again because no matter what he did, he belonged to her.

His relationship with Adrianna was so strong, so powerful, he was so attentive and considered with her, he showed her a side of him that he kept well-guarded but he allowed her to see that by being so open with her she could afford to treat him the same way, it was engaging and beautifully effective.

I hated Victor, everything he stood for and everything he did, I hated the mere fact that he was breathing most of the time, in fact he really was a waste of good air, it was hard to see him as anything more but I wasn’t sure if I was being fair to him all the time, most of the time yes, I wanted to kick him where I knew I would leave an impression.

They gave everything they had to each other, they left nothing behind and no matter what they had to face, and they faced it together just as you would in real life. The story wasn’t just a romantic ruse, it had so much more going on that just their relationship. There was drama, suspense and mystery and as the title would suggest temptation, but it was more it was sexy, funny and emotionally engaging.

But the star of this book is the author, she presented a novel that was 100% believable that didn’t stylise the world that Anthony and Adrianna were surrounded by, it showed it at its very worst and she held my hand as she lead me down a path that was littered with characters that I would never wish to meet in a month of Sundays. The actions they undertook and the activities they were involved in were not pretty but in some circles they are very real and that realisation is on that cannot be taken lightly, for some this is life.

Topic: Forbidden Temptation by Janine Infante Bosco

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