Las Vegas Sidewinders: Karl by Kat Mizera

There is absolutely nothing predictable in this story, in fact the whole series has been much more than I ever considered.

This is Karl’s story well Karl and Kate really, if I am being honest because there is little to choose between the two of them when it comes to which one I liked best.

Karl has been suffering through a year that he would rather forget, sitting on the side-lines as the backup goalie is not how he ever wanted to make a living but it the situation that he finds himself in now and it is not sitting comfortably.

Kate is the best thing that ever happened to Karl and he is thankful every day that he has her, she is so smart, so intelligent that he definitely counts himself very lucky that she is his but Kate has issues, she suffered years of unwarranted taunts and torment and that cruelty has left her feeling as if she should be ashamed of who she is and how she looks. When the truth is that she couldn’t be more, wrong. She is beautiful in every6 way that counts and Karl sees that, he loves her and I do mean he really loves her for who she is as a whole package and he doesn’t let day pass without making sure that she knows how much she means to him.

But when is silly as a box of frogs’ ex turns up, with a malicious streak that had me praying for someone to just smack her silly, it was a hurdle that they would have never seen coming in a months of Sundays and when she prays on Kate’s weaknesses it was touch and go as to which way Kate would sway.

Would they be able to weather the storm or would the pressure all be too much for them? Facing demons alone is daunting, but surviving the pressure of everything that was being poured upon them was a completely different ball game.

It was almost impossible to actually work out whether they could ever find their way back to each other and I think that is primarily about what this book is, it is about a journey…two separate journeys’ that had to be undertaken in order to not only find each other but themselves.

The twist and turns of the story came fairly thick and fast and that certainly made what was a completely engaging story into something that was so much more.

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