You're Mine by Terra Kelly

This might be book three of the series but it can safely be read as a standalone.

Joshua and Kenzie are childhood friends who were destined for so much more but were thwarted when Kenzie’s father is posted out of the area and she leaves without the opportunity to say goodbye.

Josh is stunned when he returns to school to discover that Kenzie has left and it was at that point in his young life that he realises that his life without her in it will never be the same again.

Spring forward a decade and Kenzie is back in Wilmington and her first thought is whether Josh is likely to be around. All this time apart has not meant that she has forgotten the young man that she left behind all those years ago. Josh has never been far from her thoughts.

One night while out with friends she is shocked to see Josh working behind the bar. One look and she knew that the connection between the two of them was still there but it isn’t that easy, they have ten years to overcome.

This is a super second chance at having the one thing you never thought you should never have lost.

Josh is a math teacher at their old high school and Kenzie is working hard to get her own store up and running, so they both have lives of their own that keep them busy and as reticent as he may be to act upon this pull between them, Josh is also keen to see if the youthful infatuation that was so evident all those years ago is still there but it is going to have to be at a steady pace.

Kenzie works hard to show Josh that what they have is something that she wants as much as he does and that they can build a future.

This is a sweet romantic read, one that once you start you will not want to put down.

Kenzie and Josh were a lovely couple and their journey was written with care, sensitivity and emotion.


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