Drawn Into Love

by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Whilst this is the fourth in the Fluke Mt Life series, if you haven’t read the rest then I would only say that you shouldn’t worry as this reads perfectly as a standalone.

Courtney has been through the wringer with an ex that proved to be more of an a** than she could have possibly imagined, but free at last she decides to change things up a bit and heads off to Manhattan, after all a fresh start is just what she needs.  

When she hires Lucas to work on her house, little did she realise that what she was getting into was so much more than a simple business transaction because he was such a wonderful man that at times, I was silently praying that I knew someone just like him.

He wasn’t just an amazing architect…nope he had a better job than that and it was one that he was able to ace, he was the proud single father to his beautiful little girl Maddi. He loved her with every fibre of his being, and it was that capacity to love unconditionally that meant that I was quite simply drooling.

Courtney may not have wanted to find another relationship, but she had little choice when it found her…Lucas was what she needed, she just had to be willing to accept it. I liked Courtney she was a fabulous character but match her with Lucas and the pair of them were off the charts.

This was a wonderful story about family and love, a quick easy read, pitched perfectly with just enough angst and attitude to keep it entertaining.


Topic: Drawn Into Love by Aurora Rose Reynolds

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