Plus One

by Mae Wood

There was a lot to like about this book, but what I really loved about it were the characters Albert “Bert” and Drennen.

Bert was a sweetheart such a great guy who, while he is no saint he is happy with flings, short casual relationships, because after his marriage ended, his son became the only thing that mattered in his life and being the best dad he can be to his little guy is one that he takes seriously- no-one else matters.

Drennen on the other hand is so sure of herself, working hard to absorb everything she can in her life before returning home to take over the reins at the family winery, she is a grafter but doesn’t hold back when it comes to dishing out the sass.

I liked the fact that it was Drennen that was almost pursuing Bert, she was determined that she would have him but he was far from being on the same page, and really tried to resist her but dang man, give it a rest, she is perfect from him and I was silently praying that he wouldn’t let her slip through his fingers.

The author delivered on every perspective, the story was beautifully written, packed with the most creative descriptions and vivid details, which encourage and assist in lifting the characters from the page and allowing them to almost dance across the page as I read their story unfolding before me.

The connection between them when it began to take shape was so sensual, their conversations were engaging and funny, their banter was really cute. I enjoyed the fact they challenged each other and that together they were willing to work at what they could have.

Topic: Plus One by Mae Wood

Date: 13/02/2017

By: Mae

Subject: Thank you!

Thank you for taking a chance on Plus One! I can't even imagine how many requests you get and I'm thrilled that you said "yes" to Bert and Drennan. And even more, thank you for the thoughtful review. Solid reviews help me grow as a writer. XOXO - Mae

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