Million Dollar Devil

by Katy Evans

I never thought I would say this but this because I am such a huge fan of Katy Evans but for me this just didn’t hit the mark, I think it had potential but it just didn’t give me what I thought I was going to get and that was a shame because it could have been fabulous.

The story relied on my believing in Lizzie and I just couldn’t and for me that was the crux of the problem, she just seemed to waft her way through the story giving me very little to believe in and had little stomach for the fight with her father, I wanted more from her, some backbone at least but she just felt mediocre.

Which was totally detracting from the possibilities the story actually could have had.

James though was a decent character, he was actually more of a gent than I thought he was going to be, he was a real dichotomy, and totally not what many would have expected, including Lizzie. What I like most about him was when I had the opportunity to hear the story from his point of view…he had plenty to say for himself.

So, what did I like well I would have to say that I liked the anticipation, the slow buildup that the author poured throughout the story. There was an inherent sizzle that permeated almost every page and perhaps of that had been allow to bloom earlier then the story may have had more of a pull, I mean it was no surprise that they ended up where they did, it was on the cards from almost the first minute they clapped eyes on each other!

So overall, I would say that this pair had a lot to say to each other, a little too much at times. I would have liked them to get on with things a darn sight faster than they did, the anticipation didn’t just kill the mood, it was crucified my attention span, I am normally so patient but darn it I could have throttled the pair of them.

A fairly quick read, this was one to zip through.

Maybe not my favourite book (including the epilogue) from this author but it was readable, just not everything I have come to expect from Ms. Evans.


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