Turning Back

by JA Huss

This is Rochelle and Quin, and their chance to make their way back to where they need to be …with each other but while I was hoping with everything that I had that they would work out what they needed to do to make that happen, the ingredient that I hadn’t anticipated being quite so important in that little concoction was the role that would be filled by none other than the enigma that was Elias Bricman and what a shock that was.

Bric stole the show for me, he was hard to get a handle on in the first book and even harder to actually care about, he kept everyone at arms-length and in many respects, that included me as the reader but OMFG that is certain not the case now. I totally love the side of his character that the author allowed us to see, the honesty in his actions, the depth of feeling and care that he was willing to show and the connection that he had with a certain little someone made my heart melt…total puddle on the sofa!

Rochelle did the unthinkable when she left the game, slipped away from them all but especially leaving Quin, the guy that she had openly admitted that she loved. But since she had departed life had changed for each and every one of them, Smith and Chella (Rochelle’s replacement) have stepped away from the game and are in a committed relationship with each other and I will say now that even though he isn’t in this book much, when he is you will notice the shift in tempo and you will pay attention, Smith is the sort of guy that you cannot afford to ignore and I adores the infliction of humour that his prevalent in his character now that he is settled, his relationship with Chella has changed the man he was into a man that not only knows what it is to be loved but to love back in return, Chella ( and their fur babies) are very, very lucky indeed, the mere mention of his name and I was chomping at the bit to see what he was going to do next. But one little word of warning, PLEASE don’t think he has lost his bite completely…nothing could be further from the truth!

Quin has spent too long on his own isolated from the others and out of the game and he has been missed…Bric has missed him. His life is not the same without the man that he has shared is life and love with for far too long. But Quin is hurting that he is without Rochelle and knowing that Bric knew why she had left is the thorn that has worked its way between the two of them, they are barely the chapter never mind singing off the same page but Bric puts the wheels in motion to not only bring Rochelle home for Quin but to bring Quin back to him.

But his task wasn’t going to be easy as Quin doesn’t trust Rochelle, Rochelle is only coming back for Quin and in order to get them all singing from the same hymn sheet they have to create a new game, that they will all get what they want from...I had a sinking feeling that someone was going to get hurt and while I wasn’t initially bother whether it was Bric or not , by the time the story really got going I knew that whoever it was I was going to be gutted and I was.

Quin was dubious as to the motivation of the game but he was willing to enter into the game knowing that by doing so he would have to face his fear …did he love her enough to forgive her?

The interaction between the three of them is amazing, I could feel my face flush as I read the scenes where they were all together but what surprised me was the intensity of the connection between Quin and Bric, these were guys that were more than friends, they shared a love not only for Rochelle but for each other and I think that Ms Huss allowed me as the reader to see that.

The way the story played out blew my mind, I thought I had it sussed and had sort of worked out where the three of them were headed…. not a bloody chance!

JA Huss whipped the rug from beneath me and I landed on my ass in the middle of the most amazing mindf**k, left totally and utterly stunned!

With His Turn, Bric’s story to come next I quite simply cannot wait and the snippet that I read at the end of this book has only intensified that need. I know I have prattled on about Bric but please once you have read the book, I think you will see where I am coming from.

A book not to be missed, by an author that can quite simply do no wrong…. five massive stars!!!!

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