Viewing Room by Heidi McLaughlin and LP Dover

Recently divorced lawyer Natalie, is as career minded as they come, after all she has tried the relationship thing and that didn’t work out so well for her but what she didn’t think was her scene either was Society X.

A night out at the club (Society X) was the only way to celebrate her new found singledom, mind you I don’t think she really was all that up for it…initially! Because a certain your man catches her eye and when her friends treat her to sometime in the Viewing Room, that same young man is all over her like a rash.

The chemistry is off the scale, there is probably nothing that this pair should ever have in common but unbeknown to them they are more connected than they could have ever dreamed, Hunter Miles is a man on a mission, yes he is stripping at an uber exclusive club but that isn’t the only string to this very special young man’s bow…nope he is a really nice guy.

Society X is paying his way through college while he makes his way through college, all the while planning to be a lawyer, so when he rocks up at Natalie’s firm for his internship, the two of them have to admit that they have both been a little less than honest with each other.  So slate clean, they try to keep what they have out of the office but it doesn’t take long before they are head over heels and facing the fact that what they have has taken on a life of its own.

Hunter isn’t one to hide how he feels and I loved him for that, he knows literally from the first minute that what he feels for Natalie is more than anything he has felt before but Natalie is definitely on the once bitten twice shy train, so he had to play a very patient game.

There is a nasty undertone to one of the events with a client and friend of Natalie and with Hunters help they’re able to get the evidence they need but is it too late, I was shocked at the brutality that this element of the story brought to the table, his deeds towards his wife were excruciating! And when Natalie is at risk, Hunter…well you go guy!!!

Considering this is the work of two authors it is impossible to fathom how they’re able to produce something which is simply flawless. The storytelling is astonishing and the detail leaves nothing to chance.

I cannot recommend this enough, it is one you will kick yourself if you pass over!

Topic: Viewing Room by Heidi McLaughlin and LP Dover

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