Six Years Gone

by Jessica Gouin

The first of a two-part series, I think I would have to say that Six Years Gone was as solid read. I think it was a little difficult to actually settle on whether it was as new or young adult story but overall I don’t think it really made much difference because the characters pulled me in anyway and I found that they were all that mattered.

Sawyer is the girl that gives off the vibes that nobody wants to take the time to get past, the girl that it is easier to give a wide berth too and to avoid, never looking beneath the surface and never trying to get to the bottom of why she is so prickly.

For Sawyer, her brusque exterior is her defence mechanism and the shield she hides behind and she keeps the world at bay but it’s is all for show, because inside she is falling apart, struggling to keep her emotions in check and using every trick and substance she has at her disposal to make it through the day.

The one thing she hadn’t thought she may need was the one thing that she could have never prepared for…Lachlan.

Lachlan is the guy that sees past the exterior, through the façade and straight to the heart of the girl he knows is more than she likes to portray. But can he break through her shell?

Sawyer could barely love herself, so she struggled to fathom why Lachlan would be so interested in her but he couldn’t keep away and the harder she tried to push him away, the more he stood his ground and fought to show her that she was worth his time. But just when she was ready to open up and they could finally be themselves, their world comes crashing down and Lachlan leaves…breaking Sawyer in the process.

I was gutted for her and in a way, I felt for him too because he didn’t just up sticks and move for nothing, there were extenuating circumstances but when he returns years…yes, you heard me YEARS!!!!! later, Sawyer is having none of it!

So, could they find a way to resolve the past, remedy the distance that the time apart has put between them, will Sawyer even be prepared to listen? There are secrets and lies to overcome, and as they began to be revealed I was so angry on their behalf, they deserved better, I just had my fingers crossed that they could rise above it.

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