Because of Kian by Sibylla Matilde

Because of Kian by Sibylla Matilde


A story about finding your feet after first finding your courage.

Living in a self-imposed exile in the town of Beavertail the book centres on Brynne Ashton and her struggle to rebuild her life after escaping her abusive ex-partner Evan.

Setting out on her own, she is obviously reticent of new people and situations but she is determined to build a new life for herself and that is a positive message for this book to convey.

Her social life is non-existent but in a bid to put her foot on the path of normality, she starts to visit the local bar where she has struck up a friendship with the barmaid Sage. Seated at the bar, she doesn’t mix with the other patrons- she drinks alone and only what Sage gives her, speaks to no-one and if she dances, she most definitely dances alone. Leaving the club one night she is accosted by Evan who true to form assaults her – unfortunately for him, Brynne is never alone when she is in the club because someone most definitely has her back – one very handsome, hero by the name of Kian.

The motorcycle riding, martial arts instructor has had his eye on Brynne for weeks. Entranced by the quiet woman at the bar, he thinks nothing of stepping into the fray when he sees what Evan has done.

The only problem is that Brynne not only needs help to move on from Evan but she needs help to move on from herself - to set herself free and Kian may just hold the key to opening that door for her.

Kian offers to teach Brynne some self-defence in order that should she feel threatened again she will at least be able to protect herself. Brynne sees the point and willingly accepts his offer.

Their relationship blossoms and eventually we learn more of about Kian; he practises Kinbaku – the Japanese art of Rope Bondage and Brynne take a huge leap of faith when she agrees to indulge in this with him.

My heart went out to Brynne, the physical and emotional torment that she experience at the hands of her ex leaves her broken – everything about her has almost shut down, she feel responsible and the long road out of the darkness of that situation feels as if it is too much to face alone.

Kian on the other hand is the complete antithesis of Evan, he has nothing but Brynne’s welfare at heart, he is gentle and sincere, yet he is an immensely strong and dominant man – who has a steadfast determination that he will be with Brynne, and he will allow nothing to get in his way – especially not Brynne herself.

If he has to save her from herself that that is what he intends to do.

The book covers a dark subject in that it centres on domestic abuse but the book is a love story – it is a positive portrayal of the fact that there is a way out and all it takes is that one step on your new journey.

The chemistry been the characters was lovely to read but it really was Kian that was the star of the show. He just stole my heart – he was written with such warmth and caring that any woman would be blessed to have him in her life. Brynne was a little too skittish for me and even taking her history into account I found her a little disjointed. But there is no doubt that they belonged together .


Rating 4 out of 5