by Janine Infante Bosco

When I review I think carefully about not only how I feel about what I have read but also about how to convey that to those of you who may read my review and all I can say with this story is that it deserves every single one of the FIVE stars that I would give it, it was knock your socks off fabulous!

I wanted Pipe’s story to mean something, to reach in and wring every ounce of emotion from my heart and it did just that.

I had palpitations with the depth of emotion that the author drew from me, emotion that spoke to me and make me want to reach out and hold a man that was suffering, to keep a place in my heart for a man that had not only been through more pain than most but that had fought to survive. Pipe had hit the bottom of his own barrel and even through the darkest of days, he fought to put on foot in front of another, the loss of his wife was more than his soul could take or so he thought because little did he know that fate had a plan for this glorious man…fate had Layla up its sleeve and when he met this beautiful pocket rocket, it was obvious that his life may never be the same again…well I hoped not anyway!

Layla was a firecracker but she had reason to be, she was single mom to three kids so finding time for the sensitivities of others wasn’t exactly high on her agenda, she calls it as it is and with Pipe that is probably for the best. I loved the fact that she didn’t hold back, that she unleashed her tongue with monotonous regularity and had a filthy mouth…you go girl!

Layla had been through the mill in more ways than one, her life had, had more than its fair share of ups and downs. But she loved unconditionally and once they both let their guards down, the explosion that was their relationship was simply superb! They owned their pasts but in doing so they also were able to forge a future that was just perfect for them. It wasn’t all sweetness and light, I never expected it to be because this pair grabbed their life by the you know what’s and fought to make that work.

The angst and attitude was absolutely on point, the connection between them was as tight as could be and with kids thrown into the mix, the creation of a relationship that was the foundation for a m=family was handled with both humour and sensitivity. I adored the connection between Pipe and Layla’s children but when you have a cutie like Lexi on your hands, it would have been impossible for him not to have been smitten, I know I was.

An Awesome addition to the stable of an author who is fast becoming a go to read!

Topic: FROM THE RUINS by Janine Infante Bosco

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