The Immortal Compromise

by Shannon Bell


This isn’t my usual reading material, but it doesn’t do any harm to dip a toe into new waters every now and again, hence here I am reviewing this book.

I admired the depth that the author managed to get into the story and the characters and although I haven’t read the other books in the series I think I can say that I managed to pick up on the storyline fairly quickly.

Dylan and Nico as a couple were learning together what it took for them to truly be together, especially since Dylan was mortal, living in a city full of vampires. She was far from safe and her mortality was leaving her vulnerable.

But Nico would stop at nothing to protect her, but who would protect him? Because despite his protestations he is still not off the radar of the one woman that wants him at all costs.

This would be a battle of wit and will but who would come out the victor?

Dylan captivated me, it was almost like watching a child wandering through life, looking at everything with amazement and wonder, experiencing things for the first time and stepping just a little too far off the path that would keep her safe at times.

The jealousy and mistrust that surrounds both Dylan and Nico is potent, there are people around them that would want for nothing more than to bring about their demise.

Can they make their peace and make Paris their home, or will the forces that are rallying against them make that dream impossible?

Between Dylan and Olivier, they may just find a way to make what they have work and to perhaps find a way to exist in an uneasy harmony – but if they can, just how long would it last?