All I Want

by J Daniels



Ladies, you want to know how to get your own back, then saddle up and Tessa Kelly is going to give a little one on one lesson, on how to hold a grudge!

We were introduced to Tessa in Where I Belong, when her brother Ben and her BFF Mia got it together, and I am sure you will have formed and opinion on Tessa from the information that was garnered  in that story.

But hold on to your hats, because in this she really comes into her own and boy, she isn’t one to be taken lightly.

The man she has her sights focussed on is her brothers partner Luke, and when I say sights set, believe me that she isn’t wearing rose tinted spectacles, she can see him in all his glory and her temper is running amok.

The pair of them have had one shot at being together and after a year the animosity is still fresh, neither of them are the type to disappear into the background quietly which is a shame when through Ben they are bound to bump into each other.

Tessa, takes no prisoners, has very little self-control and has nothing in the way of brain to mouth to mouth filter, Luke on the other hand is no picnic either, he can play his hand very close to his chest and as for feelings, he has a myriad of feelings buried so deep that it would take an exploration team a lifetime to unearth them.

Together they are explosive, but doesn’t everyone need a bit of a spark in their life?

Letting go may be what is on their minds but it is certainly not what is in their hearts, because despite their current circumstances,  they have an unperceivable connection that refuses to listen to them, refuses to cow tail to their constant bickering, refuses to be upstaged by their juvenile antics and is currently waging war on their common sense … and it is fighting each of them for a chance at a happy ever after.

I have to say though one thing they have got nailed, is the sex because it is not only the act itself that is hot and dirty, this pair can talk filth like you would not believe!!!

But can they make it together, can they move past the past and leave the bitch fest behind them? Can they make plans and finally get to see them fulfilled – well that is why you have to read this book, it is a twist from the norm.

They are far from normal, in almost every way, both strong characters and their relationship is as far from perfect as you could possibly imagine but when someone one said that opposites attract, they could have had Luke and Tessa in mind because as good as they are apart, they are awesome together.