by Adele Huxley

If you add up all the parts of this book, what you are left with is a story that delivers on absolutely all fronts. I love a sports romance and having never read on based around winter sports I was eager to read this one when I read the blurb.

I like the mix that the author brought to the page, it wasn’t just a romance, nope I actually thought the mystery was front and centre. But that is not diminish the importance of the romance, after all love makes the world go around after all.

I thought the authors writing was totally captivating and when the story hit its stride, it was difficult to find a place to pause, there was so much going on that each page drew me further and further into place…just where the author expected me to be no doubt.

You will be intrigued by the danger that emanates from each page and the mystery of who is behind all the angst, I thought I had it pegged but it took me a couple of bites at the cherry to get it right!

A well written story that is more than it appears on the surface and that left little to the imagination, who needs to think much when an author this good is willing to produce such a fantastic body of work.

Topic: Bronze by Adele Huxley

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