Untamed by Jinsey Reese & Victoria Green


Untamed By Jinsey Reese and Victoria Green

Part 1 of a Six Part Novella Series

Six Parts I hear you cry – well dry your eyes because this series is going to worth the effort if this part one is anything at all to go by – it is brilliant!!!

Reagan and Dare are poles apart but this is far from your typical fodder. These guys have something as a reader you can’t quite put your finger on but it will have you rooting for the pair of them through all the grief and heartache they go through.

Life hasn’t been fair to either of them but in very different ways.

Reagan comes from money and priviledge but with that come expectation and responsibility and neither of those are of the type that she wishes to follow. Destined to do as she is told and follow the path that is predetermined by her family , she looks for something of her own- something that her family cannot sully with their perverted expectations, and for a moment it appears that she has found that when she meets Dare Wilde.

Dare is from the opposite end of the spectrum but he is no knight in shining armour he is the good guy just trying to do his best for his family. Dare’s life revolves around providing for his drug addled mother and his two younger siblings and keeping them safe from their deviant, felonious father but his passion is Art and he is good!

Reagan’s escape is Art and it too is something she has an eye for. But her indulgence is strictly against her parent doctorate but it is through this that she eventually meets Dare.

The relationship between them begins unconventionally but it is beautiful and intense as it develops but you just know that there is an undercurrent that pain just around the corner that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I tried everything, but in the end I knew that no matter how longer I kept my fingers crossed the ending was not going to be pretty or easy and boy was I right – it will tear your heart out!!!
There are a few other characters that will play their part in the remainder of the series – Archer for one – the husband elect if Reagan’s parents get their way.

Dare’s younger siblings – have show stealers written all over them and I hope we get to hear their stories at some point.

Reagan’s Family – not only her Mother and Father but her siblings are absolutely abhorrent and I know that they are going to be the bane of both Reagan and Dare’s existence but I hope that they get their comeuppance. I have my fingers crossed anyway.

Overall this is an amazing start to what I am certain is a series that will not only break my heart at points but will have me crying big fat happy tears – the latter being more preferable.

Please note it is likely that there will be a seventh book - one that combines the whole series into one novel