Trusted by You by Amy Muscat


This might be a standalone and while it can definitely be read as a standalone but I would say that it really wouldn’t be any hardship to read book one. Some of the back ground is worth knowing.

This is Lottie and Blake’s story and Lottie is a scream!

I liked the fact that Lottie was a Brit and I thought that the author got the British humour and attitude nailed to perfection. She is not shy at saying exactly what is on her mind and she has a very open mind, let’s just say that right off the bat!

Blake isn’t one for settling down (once bitten twice shy and all that malarkey) so now he likes his women to keep him entertained and nothing more, a playboy so to speak but when he sees Lottie it is a sort of meeting of minds because neither of them are in it for the long haul, they are both just after a quick fling with some hot a steamy action.

Little did they know that what they want and what they get is two entirely different things.

I enjoyed the way their relationship developed, I was amazed by the sass and attitude that Lottie had and the fact that Blake was so enamoured by her filthy mouth. Really apart from the physical aspects I wasn’t exactly sure where they were going to find common ground but they did and they had it is spades.

Neither of them had a clue where what they had was going and Lottie really had never met anyone that made her feel the way Blake did before but what use is that when the man you re longing for is tethered to the past by an fear that refuses to let him go.

Can they find a way to forge a happy ever after? Can Blake let go of his shackles and free himself from his past once and for all?

Is what they feel for each other enough to keep them together, not just now but forever?

There were so many permutations and questions that were flying round in my head that I was questioning every move. But it was so engaging. Lottie made me laugh out loud and I loved the fact that she was such a strong woman, she stole the show for me.

Highly recommended.

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