Seat 2A

by Dela

Whilst I thought the story started out at a fairly pedestrian pace, I wasn’t disappointed because I liked the way that Kendal and Jessie not only initially met but how that initial connection developed. But my enthusiasm was tempered when after a bump in their particular journey, they drifted apart and lost touch with each other.

By the time they reconnected years later, they weren’t the same and for me, that was a bit of an issue. I found myself more irked than I wanted to be, not all the time, just every now and again, I could feel my eyebrow raising and couldn’t help but wonder WTF.  There were aspects of their behaviour that I found edging towards being a tad too childish but it wasn’t just them, some of the additional characters were far from endearing.

But apart from that particular niggle, I would say that the story has promise.

I thought I had a handle on the path the story was going to take, especially from the blurb but don’t be fooled, this author takes things off on a much different tangent. I think she flexed just enough muscle to show that she was definitely controlling the path they were on and not the other way round, but I would have liked both Jessie and Kendal to have been driving the story more, the steady pace and deliberate delivery just seemed to stilt the growth of those involved.

If you have patience and don’t expect fireworks and you will see that this is a story that grows on you, I may not have been completely blown away but I have to say that on the whole the story was a good read.

Topic: Seat 2A by Dela

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