Accidentally in Love with the Pilot

by Teri Anne Stanley

This isn’t the first book that has set its stall out on the waking up in Vegas married trope and it certainly won’t be the last but is it one of the best?
Well, I would say that it is certainly in the top half of the ones I’ve read anyway, the author put her own stamp on the whole scenario and for that I was grateful.
Pilot, Ben is on leave from his career with the Navy and for the most part is looking forward to spending some time with his friend, camping and cutting loose, getting back to nature and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life… sounds ideal.
But as always, the best-laid plans never seem to go to plan and after resolving some domestic issues, Ben is left high and dry when his friend pulls out of their trip in favour of spending time with his girlfriend. He pulls one last favour from Ben and it is through that good deed that Ben meets birthday girl Megan.
They may have met as a result of an unfortunate mishap but they hit it off, enjoying not just each other’s company but also a few more drinks than they should have…they may have found the morning a lot easier to cope with if they had eased up a little because whilst what happened the night before may appear to be a bit of a blur, what is as clear as day is the fact that they are both sporting beautifully shiny new wedding rings!
Oh My!
Since neither of them can remember what and when they managed to get their drunken selves wed, they have to decide on what they are going to do to resolve the situation. And just as they are getting to grips with that little nugget of joy they are confronted by the fact that they may have a much more long-term problem to deal with after they spot the evidence that the consummation of their nuptials might not have been as protected as they had hoped.
I thought Ben was a wonderful character, a man of honour that was determined to show Megan that no matter how the future panned out, he would do whatever he had to do and with a month’s vacation available to him, they decide to spend the time together, getting to know each other and waiting for nature to take its course. During this time, they get to know each other better and it was lovely to see what they had unfold. For the most part, they were perfect for each other, although at times, I couldn’t help but think that Megan was unnecessarily catty!
Of course, not everything is smooth sailing, but I loved that they were willing to take the rough with the smooth and try.
Would I recommend the book, yes, I would without hesitation, it was the perfect Sunday afternoon read, you need to meet Ben!

Topic: Accidentally in Love with the Pilot by Teri Anne Stanley

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