Anchored to Love by S M Stryker

SM Stryker has a new reader in me, this book was a super read.

I liked the storyline but I loved the main characters.

Charlie and Zain were just too easy to fall for, really, their story was one that I couldn’t help but get invested in.

In this we got to see what these two young people had been through and what had taken them to the position they were both in now.

College is never easy but Charlie has a team that she has to fit into. Zain on the other hand has nothing much to fit into at all, he certainly doesn’t fit into his parents life anymore, so he is travelling and for the time being he has landed on Charlie’s college campus.

The two of them strike up an amazing friendship, one that sees the two of them becoming the very best of friends, but that friendship is ruined when a misunderstanding has the pair of them walking away.

But is that it? Well I don’t think so!

Years later they are thrust back together, but I thought that so much has changed that I wasn’t exactly sure there was a chance of them being even friends let alone anything else.

Charlie is no longer on her own, she might have a child but there is no partner, it is a tough situation for her.

Zane has settle into a career that has him busy but it is Charlie that he is ready to get his hands on, not a computer keyboard.

So now we have the situation that neither of them had ever anticipated, they have to try to forgive and forget the events of the past, and endeavour to forge a happy ever after.

I loved the build of the story, the lilt the prose took and the time that the characters were given to show that they had the will to make what they wanted work.

They were both engaging and endearing, they gave as good as they got but accepted their weaknesses as well as their strengths.

A snappy read that will have you reaching for the tissues on more than one occasion.