by Morgan Black


Starting straight up from the end of the first book Misconception, we actually catch up with a happy Lena. She has a new fella –Micah and has finally tried to put the who situation with Blake and Slade behind her.

Although I was left with the feeling that she was longing for something more.

Secrets and lies abound, she does what she can to move on but there is always someone who will be prepared to dish the dirt, so keeping her secret is impossible!

Lena really is a troubled soul and in this instalment, I didn’t find a resolution for that, and in a way that made me sad for her.

She has given up on what could have been potential happiness out of a misguided sense of doing the right thing, righting a wrong that she has no chance of ever getting over. She has to learn to forgive herself for her part and build on that forgiveness. I honestly feel that Slade has feelings for her that given the chance would lead to something more but then again, I may just be kidding myself and looking for a happy ending.

Micah was an interesting character and I was sure that there is much more to him that meets the eye I hope we get to find out more in the next instalment of the series.

Like book one this book also ends on a cliff-hanger and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the next book will put a few more of the questions I have running around in my head to rest.