Suddenly Together

by J A Low


There is much to be said for this series but I think I could sum it up best by saying that it was totally engaging.

I like the fact that the story was able to fill in some of the details from the previous novels. It took a reflective approach to the situation that Christian and Vanessa were in and gave them a chance to work through not only their past but also what they needed to overcome in order to get to a happy ever after that they wanted to have but seemed reluctant to accept.

I hope you are ready for an emotional read, because this brought more of the feel factor that I thought it was going too.

Christian and Vanessa are all sorts of screwed up, not in a bad way as such, it’s just that their relationship is sort of complicated and getting they out of the safety of the friend zone that they are in at the minute is a test of not just patience but determination.

Christian absolutely loves Vanessa; he is besotted by her and it is a feeling that is very much reciprocated but Vanessa is worried that changing the nature of their relationship from the best of friends to significant others will only end up in them being a whole lot of nothing to each other. I understood in many ways why she felt that way but dang did that woman have enough excuses under her belt to sink a battle ship.

Their relationship, the fact that they worked together complicated the acceptance of the obvious and while many think that you should never mix business with pleasure for Christian and Vanessa the angst that the changes bring to the pair of them had me wondering just whether they were actually going to able to find their way to a happy ever after that would work for them.

I felt connected to both Vanessa and Christian, she was easy to get a handle on and him, well I just wanted to get my hands on him!

The story was an easy read, it had a positive flow and was written beautifully.


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