Marked for Death

by J.C. Valentine

A knockout way to kick off the new series.
I thought this short, punchy read brought it all to the table and made sure that I was not left wanting but was definitely hungry for more.
The story was one that left just enough doubt and a little suspicion as to who exactly was the prey and who was the hunter because as much as Ryder was trying his hardest to find Ace and eliminate the threat that he was to his brothers, Ace was also on the warpath because Ryder was the man responsible for the death of his brother. So, keep your wits about you ladies!
I was cool with it all and totally on board when Ryder finally thought he had it sorted and had Ace firmly in his sights but nope, Ms. Valentine was having none of that …she twisted it all up in my head and Ryder ends up in hospital having been shot by Ace. WTF
Anyway, the hospital might have been the last place he wanted to wake up but the presence of a rather pretty nurse certainly eased his angst, but whether he was attracted to her or not, this nurse had enough of her own angst to deal with and was just about to hit the road, yet again.
Tiffany has been on the run for longer than any one person should ever need to be, but she is desperate to stay one step ahead of her ex and that means never putting down roots, but when he wakes and is less than keen on remaining in hospital, she is faced with trying to convince him to do the one thing she can’t do herself, stay put…mind you he does have two bullet holes to contend with!
Ryder knows that no matter what Tiffany says, he has to go because when Ace finds out that he was unsuccessful in his attempt to kill him, he will be back to finish the job and it won’t just be Ryder in the firing line, it will be anyone that has helped hi…and that includes Tiffany.
Can she keep him where he needs to be or will she help him escape and if she does, will they survive either physically or emotionally because there is a draw between the pair of them that has potential to be hazardous to them both!
Ryder and Tiffany were superb, I loved that she was his match and more than able to hold her own. The verbal sparring between them was superb!
Hook, line, and sinker I was totally absorbed and I cannot wait to get my hands on the next installment.

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