Unraveling by Timberlyn Scott

Sebastian and Payton are back and they are not the only ones that are unravelling!

This short series is simply fabulous, and it is getting better with each eagerly anticipated instalment.

Sebastian and Peyton are finding their feet together, getting to know what makes them tick and coming to terms with the fact they have both fallen hard and fast for each other. The journey we take with the both is emotional to say the least, they both have exterior factors influencing both their actions and decisions.

Sebastian’s reaction to Peyton having to accompany his father to the trade event in Las Vegas is epic, he simply cannot bear to be away from her and is adamant that his dad is up to something – a fact with which I have a feeling I have to agree. There is definitely something fishy going on with that who scenario.

The chemistry between the two of them is off the charts but the love between them is tangible. They are two halves of the same whole... I simply cannot wait to get more of their story.

The difference between this book and book one is the fact that in this we get to feel the heat that emanates between the two of them. But we also get a little bit of a peak behind the scenes with Sebastian and the seriously screwed up relationship he has with his father.

I want him to have his revenge on the man that treats him with distain rather than the love that he deserves not only as his son but as the major reason that his father’s company is successful. I hope that Peyton and Sebastian can forge a way ahead that allows them to leave their mark!

The end of the book was something else and had me holding my breath.

The wait to see what happens next is excruciating.

I have everything crossed that Sebastian will weather the guilt that I am certain that without doubt he will try to foist upon himself and not push Peyton away, but I doubt it will be a smooth ride for them both when the ramifications of the ending swings into full effect and while it makes for a more interesting story, it means that two of my favourite book characters at the minute will be suffering, and that makes me cross my fingers and keep them crossed!


Rating 4.5 out of 5