Weighing of the Heart by Jessica Florence

This is a Shhh, Mum is reading type of book because once I started I was absorbed. I wasn’t sure what I was going to make of the story from just the blurb alone but it really caught my imagination.

I liked the way the author had placed the ancients in an up to date scenario, the fact that she had put characters from mythology so neatly into a 21st century setting was something I hadn’t read before and it worked.

I’m no history buff, I’m not actually even much of a fan of the myths and fables from ancient Greece or Egypt but having the characters transposed like this, well it was something new and I really, really liked it.

I loved the relationship that ignited between Thalia and Tristan and as much as I may have wished to have him all to myself, I couldn’t help but swoon over the passion he showed for Thalia. He was so possessive, so commanding that she never really stood a chance but then again that cuts both ways because Thalia owned his soul, he worshipped the ground she walked on.

The story was both beautifully descriptive and cleverly creative, but in my opinion it was the inclusion of the tantalising teasers of a plotline that is still to be told that I found the most engaging.

While the book ended with a twist that I hadn’t anticipated it also left a few situations tantalisingly hanging in the balance, there were answers that I wanted but didn’t if you get my drift, things I needed to know but am happy to wait for because now I get to visit them all over again.

I am so looking forward to the next book.

Topic: Weighing of the Heart by Jessica Florence

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