by Jade West

There is almost always a delicious undertone of filth in every Jade West novel and I am very pleased to say that this her latest release did not disappoint I was very quickly knee-deep in some totally captivating and exquisite dirty shenanigans.

Poison was Jade at her very best, the characters had everything that I have come to expect from the mind of an author that really leaves nothing off the table. There was nothing that I missed, nothing that was out of bounds and nothing that didn’t scream…DON’T YOU DARE SKIP! I don’t think I could even if I had wanted too because every word was doing its darnedest to ensure that I felt every ounce of the meaning that the author was looking to convey and I was hooked, determined not to miss a single beat!

I adored her description of Lucas, the power that she imbibed in his prowess between the sheets, and the toxicity of the relationship that existed between himself and Anna.

They may have had a history that dated back a decade and there was a level of pain in that past that was most definitely unresolved and the author certainly poured angst upon angst as I devoured page upon page, the mystery that shrouded their past had me on the edge of my seat with anticipation.

I liked that the story switched back and forth from past to present but I have to admit that as is often the case with me, I found that this method of telling the story made sure that I was paying attention to every scenario. Like the characters, there was a level of expectation that I could not only understand but that I could almost feel. They fought hard to overcome the sea of miscommunication and betrayal that they had between them and the glimpses of passion that poked through the enormity of their situation were golden nuggets of what was possibly on the cards for the pair of them. I wanted them to fight the weight of the pain they wore in order to get to where they needed to be, and I will admit that I was tapping my fingers with anticipation on more than one occasion

A fabulously well written second chance romance that was everything I wanted it to be.