My Big Fat Vegas Wedding

by Lori Sizemore

I read the first in this series and was enchanted not only by the story but by the authors style, this only confirmed that fact. There is a definite pace and patter to the read that assists with the enjoyment of the story.

The vices of Vegas have cost Grace dearly, life as a widow of a man killed as a result of the draw gambling had on him, means that she is not only fighting to keep a roof over her family’s head but running out of options on how to do just that. Married life with a gambler at the helm didn’t exactly mean that money was in plentiful supply and with him gone, the well is completely dry. But was a solution just around the corner, I hoped so because I liked Grace, she was strong because she had to be, she had her son to care for and a responsibility for her mother too, but she refused to be beaten by her situation, so when the suggestion of a quid pro quo marriage of convenience is put to her, I had no doubt that she would own that like a boss.

Dominic, wasn’t looking for love, it wasn’t even on his radar but what he was looking for was the leverage he required to wrestle the Lucky Casino away from his old man and having a family seemed like it would give him a foothold toward achieving that goal. Or would it?

I like Dominic, he gave the impression of being a good man, and I think at heart he was, he just had his eyes focused on avenging his sister and taking his father to task, so I understood why Grace was initially attracted to him and not just his proposal. But everything is not as she would wish and by the time she discovers the connection that he has with the place that is responsible for her current predicament, I think it was safe to say that she was ready to crumble.

How could she be in so deep with a man that has ties to the one place that she wants nothing to do with?

Can they salvage their marriage that was founded on convenience, Can they admit that they both have more to lose that they would have ever thought possible? I wanted Grace and Damien to be happy, I wanted them to work but I couldn’t help but worry that they had the weight of the past bearing down on them.

Could Damian prove that he was the man for her or would Grace be forced to admit that the man that she had given her heart was going to be the guy to break it.

The story was inviting, it drew me in and kept me captivated.

I love the way this author writes, she picks up on the most minute detail and doesn’t deal in fluff, there is a crispness to her work, especially her character conversations that ensures that no emotion is missed.

Evocative and Engaging, this is one to savour.