by Jacob Chance

A one-click must have for all those who enjoy a good sports romance…and this is a good sports romance!

Brady is used to getting exactly what he wants in life, he lives his life knee deep in women and loves every minute of it, cock sure of himself, he doesn’t worry about the mundane day to day things and has absolutely no want or need for a relationship but when he meets Harlow Summers, that is an outlook that he may just have to rethink because all he can think about is her!

Now as you can imagine, this dirty taking player isn’t exactly the type of guy that Harlow is interested in, in fact she is more than a little wary of him and his womanising ways but just how long can she resist?

Well, she gives it a darn good go but eventually has to relent and give him the opportunity to prove that there is more to him than the rumours but when his past comes into play they have a decision to make…what exactly do they want and how far are they prepared to go to get it.

Well written with great characters and not too much angst and attitude, this was a quick, easy paced read by an author that I haven’t read from in the past but that will certainly be on my reading list for the future!

Topic: Penalty by Jacob Chance

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