Tempting Fate by Kylie Hillman


I was sure that by taking us back to a couple we were familiar with from earlier in the series, that the author must have had a plethora of pain lined up and yep, I hit that on the head because the author kicked my butt!!

Lainey and Mik were in book one and they absolutely belonged to each other, they had my heart wrapped around their fingers but in this book, the author …well words fail me.

We see what makes them tick, the determination that Mik feels when it comes to his woman, the true man behind his road name “Mad Dog” but is that all? Of course not!

I think if I could have read this through my fingers I would have, I was scared to see what was going to happen next, I loved the way they loved each other but was it enough.

The drama that piled on them was excruciating, it left me bubbling with fury and disbelief and not knowing which emotion I wanted to deal with first.

The author wrote what I have to say is a pretty exciting book, she crammed it full of attitude and threw everything at not only it but me. The secrets and lies were torturous, and wondering whether or not that were actually going to be able to survive the devastation was more than I could cope with.

I can honestly say that this was my favourite book from the author, it was so powerful, so dramatic that I am desperate for the next book…please.

Topic: Tempting Fate by Kylie Hillman

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