Bedding The Billionaire

by London Hale

What this lacks in pages it more than makes up for in heat, because this snappy novella, has a whole heap going on and you will love every second of it.
I thought the chemistry between Colin and Sloane was great, the banter especially was a major contributing factor to the reason why I just felt that this pair worked.
Don’t be mistaken for thinking that the author didn’t pack more than just their sensuality into this book because you would be mistaken, there was a really great plot that kept me not only engaged but thoroughly entertained.
I liked Sloane, I especially liked the fact that the author wasn’t afraid to give this woman the intensity that she deserved…this was no shrinking violet and she was all the better for it! But then again, I doubt she would have been able to cope with a guy like Colin if she had been because when it came to the delicious Mr Huntley, this was a man that was accustomed to getting what he wanted and on his list, was the gorgeous Sloane!
The push and pull between them was highly entertaining and totally delicious!

Topic: Bedding The Billionaire by London Hale

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