by Lori Sizemore

I have one problem with this review and that is where to start.

There is so much that could be said that being able to filter through not only how I feel about the story but what is fair to divulge is taking a little more time than I thought.

Justine is a feisty character, fully aware of the impact that the sex tape that is now her ex leaked to the media, she isn’t ashamed, after all why should she…he made it without her knowing anything about it. Now, personally I would have been a lot more bothered but then again what could she do, it wasn’t going to go away quietly!

Anyway doing what she can to shrug it all off, she puts her head down and tries to get on with her life, perhaps a new job would help…well you would have thought that was a top idea, I know I certainly did but when her father gets wind of it he uses every underhand trick in the book to get her to stay put… really, parental blackmail? What next?

Well, what came next was Sawyer and while on the surface it seemed that he was all about his career, it soon became clear that there was more on his mind than I think he even knew. He might have been a love them and leave them type previously but now, with Justine…this bed hopper might just be ready to settle down…a little anyway!

I liked the connection and interaction between the two of them, they had a sharp yet jovial banter that was engaging. I loved the fact that they both got to say what they were thinking and that since the book was told from both of their points of view they were each given a chance to shine. Justine took that in my opinion and I think she came seemed to eventually grow into her own skin so to speak.

Their situation wasn’t the easiest and there was a lot to keep an eye on, a lot of secondary characters who all seemed to want to get in on the action, deals were made, agendas addressed and throughout it all there were two people who were almost stuck fielding the angst and attitude of those around them, who it seemed as if they weren’t always pulling in their direction.

I liked the connection and chemistry between Justine and Sawyer, they oozed a natural charm, a proper sense of reality, they just worked. The journey wasn’t all plain sailing for either of them, there were skeletons in the cupboard that needed to be completely exorcized…the only question was, could they?

For a debut novel I have to say that this was a fabulously well written, sharp and humorous read. From start to finish this was a joy to read.

Topic: Infamous by Lori Sizemore

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