by FG Adams


Youth…the pleasure and the pain! Friends from school, Keagan and Jocelyn shared something more special than their tender years could have ever understood.

His friendship and protection gave her the confidence to take tentative steps to break free for the shadow of her sister. He made her feel as if she mattered and for this young girl that was priceless but when her family life takes a hit and her sister leaves, Jocelyn retreats back into her shell so to speak and her sparkle was extinguished.

Nothing Keagan could do was enough and when she cut herself off from him, it was more painful than he was able to admit, she tortured herself by remaining so stubbornly isolated and it was a shame because while she may have severed physical ties, her heart was still very much tethered to Keagan, not a single day passed without her wondering about him and what might have been.

Time in the services have left our hero and I use that word in its proper context because Keagan has suffered for his fellow man and continues to suffer, physically and emotionally battered from his time in the military, he is doing what he needs to in order to survive.

Back in civvie street and back in Lakeview he is making ends meet as best he can, his security company keeps him busy but he needs more, but isn’t exactly ready to grasps that option completely and I think that was an important point.

Because when fate pushes the two of them together again, I had doubts for both of them. I wasn’t sure that the fact she was oozing not only regret for what happened but also for what they might have had, was it going to be enough? And having loved her for as long as he can remember can he keep her this time, or will she or the dangers that surround them call time on their happy ever after?

I liked the authors style, the intensity of the plot and the depth of the characters. I liked the fact the story had a journey over time, that it was given the opportunity to grow, that it experienced the highs the lows that we all face in life. It gave the characters the honesty and reality that I needed from them and that they needed in each other.

This was two souls that belonged together but took the long road to their final destination.

Topic: Keagan by FG Adams

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