Imperfectly Matched by MJ Fields

There is very little than can be said about this book other than Bravo!

I loved the first book but after finishing this, I am in awe. MJ Fields you are a genius, in a genre that is ever evolving, you brought us something that was a cut above, truly unique and I loved every word.

The unusual alliance between Kat and Ricco picks straight up where the first book left off but it was only ever headed one way, Ricco just had to bide his time and let the feisty Kat get with the program that he had implemented because if she believed for one second that their “more than” friends with benefits scenario was fooling anyone, she was seriously deluded but then again we already knew that.

Kat had a way to go before she accepted the inevitable but both Ricco and his beautiful little girl were masters at working their magic and hard as she tries, she can’t fight how she feels for ever. But her journey is one that touches on a side of her life that she has tried so hard to contain but when she finally opens up, her character absolutely blooms. I loved her snarky mouth, feisty attitude and heart of gold.

But it wasn’t only Kat that brought the magic to this story, Ricco …boy oh boy the man had a filthy mouth and a heart the size of Texas. He was all in with everything he did and shirked nothing…I want him please!!!!!

I laughed, smirked, smiled and chortled my way through this book and I will do again in the very near future because I have both books lined up for a back to back re-read very soon.

Topic: Imperfectly Matched by MJ Fields

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